Science Fiction Companion and Super Powers Companion (2nd Ed) Now Available!

Published On: January 21, 2014Categories: News

Science Fiction Companion Regular Edition Print-PDF BundleSpace, the future, and untold power are now yours for the taking! The Science Fiction Companion and the Super Powers Companion (Second Edition) are both available right now on the Pinnacle web store!

Preorder-PDF bundles are available for Limited Edition hardbacks (at $29.99) and softcovers (at $24.99). You’ll get the PDF immediately and be the first in the preorder queue for the printed books! If you’re already immersed in a sci-fi future of electronic-only books, the PDFs are available individually for only $14.99.

Super Powers Companion (Second Edition) Print-PDF BundleThese two new volumes feature new Edges, Hindrances, powers, and gear. They bring all our science fiction and super powers rules to the Savage Worlds Deluxe standards with a tighter integration between the two rules sets than ever before. If you want to mix a little Super Powers into your Science Fiction (or vice versa), you’ll have smooth stellar sailing!

Shane Hensley, creator of Savage Worlds, said: “With the constant growth of Savage Worlds and the depth of the Science Fiction Companion and the new Super Powers Companion, we wanted to make sure everything really worked together. We want our Game Masters to be able to put together a Green Lantern Corps™ kind of supers campaign where heroes battle villains in power armor or in giant walkers. Or a scifi campaign where the aliens or even the player characters have amazing super hero-like abilities. We also wanted to make sure you could handle everything from customizing your ship for a Firefly™ type narrative game to massive dogfights between capital ships or even space leviathans. It all fits together better than ever and should allow our Game Masters to create their dream settings.”

The Science Fiction Companion has refined species creation rules, a dozen sample races including deaders and florans, new Hindrances, Edges, and gear. It also includes cyberware, power armor, starships, vehicles, and walkers, as well as new Setting Rules to handle the rigors of life in the far future or beyond the stars. Almost 30 pages are devoted to ready-made foes for GMs, from asteroid miners to a new and draconian empire and their powerful vessels.

What are you waiting for? Check out the new Companions today!

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