2022 SWAG Award Winners

Published On: February 14, 2023Categories: Licensee, Media, News

Last Thursday, February 9th, we celebrated the 2022 SWAG Awards with a livestream on our official Pinnacle Entertainment Group Twitch channel. (Check out the entire show over on YouTube right now!)

Hosted by our own J-M DeFoggi and Chris Landauer along with several award-winning designers including Alb’ (Big Bad Wolf, Here Be Dragons), Adam Loyd (MagusRogues Guide to the Sprawls – A Sprawlrunner Supplement), Daniel Irwin (Dark States: Conspirators Handbook, Dark States: Seekers Guide), and Manuel Sambs (Furious Magic, Quick Grids), this ceremony celebrated the best-selling products released in 2022 through the Savage Worlds Adventurer’s Guild.

Award for 2022’s Top Free SWAG Product:

πŸ…A Park Poaching Problem (A Savage Worlds One-Sheet)

2022 SWAG Award Winners by Sales:

πŸ… Quick Grids
πŸ… Dark States: Seekers Guide
πŸ… Savage Worlds – Super Hero Adventure Generator
πŸ… Furious Magic
πŸ… Dark States: Conspirators Handbook
πŸ… MagusRogues Guide to the Sprawls – A Sprawlrunner Supplement
πŸ… Big Bad Wolf
πŸ… Furious Hacking
πŸ… New Bristol – Supers Campaign Setting (SWADE)
πŸ… Cyberpunk Hideouts
πŸ… Allies Enhanced – Options for Followers, Friends, & other Henchmen
πŸ… Sharp Knives & Dark Streets (SWADE micro-setting and solo rules)
πŸ… Junkyard Alchemy
πŸ… Here Be Dragons
πŸ… Tuxedos and Trenchcoats

Congratulations to all the incredibly talented creators of these terrific products released in 2022!

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