50 Fathoms Explorer’s Edition GM Screen Inserts Available

Published On: October 18, 2016Categories: News

50 Fathoms Explorer's Edition GM Screen Inserts PDFThe world of 50 Fathoms is no place to find yourself without knowing your way. A map, some charts, or substantiated rumor is something, but you’re best off really knowing what’s going on and having a guide. Let the new 50 Fathoms Explorer’s Edition GM Screen Inserts PDF be your guide to running through the drowning world of Caribdus!

The landscape-formatted pages are designed to fit neatly into the Savage Worlds Customizable GM Screen and include all the charts and references you need to run the game as well as art from the books to help set the mood for the players. Chart your own course, matey, and decide what goes on the inside for you and what you run up the sails for your players! You pick what you print, so they can even be the same thing if you want.

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