A Bundle o’ Savage Worlds Status Cards & Tokens

Published On: March 5, 2019Categories: News

Sure, after squaring off against the tentacled cave horror your character is now Bound and Distracted or Entangled and Vulnerable, but what exactly does that mean?

With our new set of Status Cards for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition, there’s no need to spend time digging through the rulebook to look things up. Now, whenever your character is on Hold or taking Aim, all the specifics are detailed (and illustrated) in this handy, full-color set of Status Cards.

This zip file download also includes the complete set of updated Status Tokens, as well!

And be sure to also check out the new Savage Worlds Power Cards and Savage Worlds Adventure Deck. In case you haven’t heard yet: You may want to preorder these cards  through PledgeManager.com. After completing your preorder purchase you can request the complimentary PDF!

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