A Couple New Updates to Savage Worlds Adventure Edition

Published On: November 3, 2020Categories: News

OK, so Stun was too powerful… Yeah, we agree. It was just a bit too much.

We’ve now reduced the effects just a little and added it to the SWADE Updates document, which you can find here.

We also clarified a few things like how Gadgeteer works, and updated it in the PDF version of the core rules.

If you haven’t checked the Updates in a while, make sure you look at the rules on power Limitations, clarification on Marksman, and anything else you might have missed that may improve your game.

While any sort of errata or update sucks, we’re pretty happy that we still have less than two pages for the core rulebook, especially for a game that accommodates everything from giant, city-stomping kaiju to irradiated, anthropomorphic Twinkies! That’s thanks largely to YOUR playtesting and constructive feedback.

Thanks, friends!

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