A Couple Tricks ‘n Treats from the Savage Worlds Adventurer’s Guild

Published On: October 27, 2020Categories: News

Carve up a few Jack-o’-lanterns and gather your friends around the virtual game table to celebrate Halloween with one twisted tale and a sinister supplement both straight from the Savage Worlds Adventurer’s Guild!

First up, author Ben Giles of White Witch Games brings you a totally-twisted subterranean Savage Worlds One Sheet™ titled Outlaw Girls & Cannibal Elves! Set in their upcoming setting, Vermilium, with a little (dark) imagination, this FREE adventure can easily be used in any weird west, horror, or fantasy game of your choosing. Just try not to disturb those cannibal elves…

Second, no horror game would be complete without the threat of bloodsuckers! To that end, Tayna Laubacher’s A Guide to Vampires, has recently been completely revised and is now fully-compatible with Savage Worlds Adventure Edition.

Inside this 30-page sourcebook, you will find new information for creating vampire characters, knowledge of their physiology, unique vampire lore, setting ideas, vampire-like monsters, and allies for the masters of the night!

Grab both of these titles from DriveThruRPG today to add a little terror to your game tables this Halloween!

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