A Deadlands One-Shot Adventure with the Unconventional GMs

Published On: December 26, 2023Categories: Media, News

Mosey on over to YouTube today to check out a thrilling new Deadlands One-Shot Actual Play with the Unconventional GMs!

“In this alt-history Wild West, the posse of Agents face down supernatural goings on in New Mexico. Bandits are the least of their worries as the gang tries to work out what’s happening with disappearances of both the living and the dead. Strap on yer smoke wagons, pardner. Things are about to get downright ornery!”

Unconventional GMs is a collaboration between Gaz from the What Would the Smart Party Do? podcast and Guy from the Burn After Running blog. Together, they’re on a mission to show how games can be run with pace, verve, and action. A mix of one-shots and mini-campaigns, the sessions focus on being high-content without losing the magic of roleplay (and maybe adding some terrible accents).

Take a gander at this exciting new One-Shot adventure today!

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