A Deadlands Podcast (With Professional Improv Comedians!)

Published On: April 4, 2017Categories: News

Change and Stone 2The Weird West is a gritty, unforgiving place with horror around every corner and dark shadows creeping over—wait, why are you laughing?

Could it be because you’re listening to the Terrible Warriors podcast of Deadlands: the Adventures of Change and Stone? The Terrible Warriors take on four-part story arcs in a variety of settings using different RPGs.  Deadlands was so much fun they took their hombres to the Wasted West of Hell on Earth, too!

From the GM, Derek Burrow: “Our Deadlands campaign follows the adventures of a pair of Pinkertons tasked with taking down a mysterious crime boss named Harlan Bliss, first in the Weird West, and then 220 years later in the Wasted West after an accident at a Ghost Rock mine sends the boys far into the future.  Played in the style of a TV series, we rely heavily on player-controlled narrative flashbacks and world building…which is great, given that the players are also professional improv comedians.”

Download the Deadlands: the Adventures of Change and Stone series for your listening pleasure, and maybe to brush up on your GM skills. Derek’s had his hands full with a character whose player insisted it be a Stone.

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