A Doomtown Wrap-Up from Tombstone, AZ

Published On: October 29, 2019Categories: News

This past weekend, Doomtown and Deadlands players alike converged on Tombstone for the finale of the Doomtown Twilight Protocol Series, Act III; The Twilight Legion!

For those who missed out on this amazing gathering, here’s a report from Shane Hensley, himself!

One of the great pleasures a game designer enjoys is watching people enjoy something he or she created. Last weekend, a posse of around 50 gathered in Tombstone, Arizona, to play in the Deadlands Doomtown tournament. Pinnacle didn’t create Doomtown–our friends at Alderac did many years ago–but of course it’s based on our world and our characters, and it was amazing to see so many people love the Weird West as much as we do.

One of our friends, David Hogg… all the way from the UK… even dressed the part of the Cackler, thrilling everyone involved with his commitment to the game and the lore leading up to the new edition early next year. (David’s one of the nicest, friendliest people you’ll ever meet, but his Cackler imitation caused a serious case of the heebie jeebies!)

All the Doomtown players were a joy to hang out and explore Tombstone with, and it was fantastic to see old friends and make new ones. While all of them were talented cardsharps (a few might even have been hucksters…), Lee-Patrick Fair seemed unstoppable throughout the tournament. Then he fell afoul of the Cackler and… well, if you want to read all about the actual tournament, who did what, and the incredible ending, we won’t steal Pine Box’s thunder… you can read all about it here

There’s a new Marshal in town!

For myself and Pinnacle, we’re eternally grateful for the love David & Christine Lapp, Richard Carter, David Orange, Alex Wirges, and the rest of the Pine Box crew have shown Doomtown and Deadlands, and we can’t wait to see what they do next. We’ve heard their plans, and they’re going to be just as unforgettable as this trip to “The Town Too Tough to Die.” We hope to see you there, partner!

Shane Hensley

~ Arizona

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