A First Taste of Hell on Earth: Reloaded

Published On: June 5, 2012Categories: News

Hell on Earth: Reloaded DownloadsYou might think it cruel to whet your appetite like this, but you don’t know cruel…not yet, leastways. When a man can’t cross the desert without worrying about gettin’ his ride—and hisself—cut for parts, when the world is so irradiated that spirits are mutatin’, when there’s no hope on the burnin’ horizon, that’s a cruel place to be. Hell on Earth is coming, and this is just the beginning.

No, literally. Hell on Earth: Reloaded is coming. Not today, not tomorrow, and not any time we’re going to name right now, but watch here for more details in the months ahead.

And this really is just the beginning. Specifically, we’re giving you the cover art from the new book as downloadable wallpapers. Visit the Hell on Earth: Reloaded Downloads page to pick a size suited to you.

You best start gettin’ ready now, though. When things fall from the sky, worlds change forever…

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