A Look Inside the SWADE Essentials Boxed Set

Published On: September 10, 2019Categories: News

We’ve really been enjoying all the enthusiastic social media posts, pics, and unboxing videos of everyone’s SWADE books and accessories.

A few days ago, Savage Worlds fan, Tommy Brownell, took a “deep dive” into the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition Essentials Boxed Set, posting first impressions, photos, and much more over on his gaming blog, The Most Unread Blog on the Internet Ever. It’s definitely worth a read!

Beasts of War, a well-known miniatures gaming website, also reviewed the new Savage Worlds Adventure Edition and Essentials Boxed Set, saying, “there is no limit to where you can take the rules for Savage Worlds!” Read it here!

We also saw a fantastic unboxing video by Vaughn Ripley, his son, and a friend. The kids can’t wait to play. Watch it below!

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