A New Savage Worlds Online Community on Mastodon

Published On: July 26, 2022Categories: News

If you’re in search of a new (and growing) Savage Worlds online fan community, why not give savageworlds.social on Mastodon a try!

Mastodon is a community-driven Twitter clone (i.e. it’s not owned by any single commercial interest), with several different individual communities (mastodon.social being the largest and core). You can register on any one community and interact with other communities, including following users in other communities.

The new, unofficial savageworlds.social instance was recently established to cut out the noise found on some of the other platforms, and to create a dedicated Savage Worlds community with more engaging options for interacting with fans.

As of this week, the Savage Worlds Media Network feed is also being piped directly into the local feed, so you can now catch all our PEG news there.

Please consider registering for a Mastodon account and joining this exciting new online community!

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