A Recent Batch of Pinnacle Interviews

Published On: December 17, 2019Categories: News
Clint and Jodi Black Talk to the Goblin Beat

When we’re not creating Savage Worlds, running Savage Worlds, or playing Savage Worlds, we’re often talking about Savage Worlds!

While our brand new podcast, the PEGShow, is now our own corner of the internet for these types of discussions, you can also occasionally find a few of us on other podcasts or being interviewed for various gaming sites and blogs!

First up, Shane Hensley chats with John Haremza of Legends of Tabletop about his gaming background and career, Pinnacle Entertainment Group, some recent (and upcoming) Kickstarters, a few of his favorite Deadlands actual play podcasts like Sounds Like Crowes and The Adventures of Young & Holt, and the upcoming Savage Worlds sea cruise with the Rocky Mountain Savages.

Second, Egg Embry of d20 Radio recently caught up with Scott Woodard (The Savage World of Flash Gordon™) to discuss his process of adapting The Sixth Gun comic series to a tabletop roleplaying game. Find that interview here.

And lastly, our own Ron Blessing (Savage Worlds Community Manager and host of the PEGShow) sat down with Gage Verronneau of the Gaming with Gage podcast to talk about his introduction to RPGs and what exactly an editor does.

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