A Rising Tide Lifts All… GAMES!

Published On: March 26, 2024Categories: News

In between networking with production and fulfillment partners and knowledge sharing at industry seminars at this year’s Game Manufacturers Association (GAMA) trade show, Pinnacle’s Simon Lucas and Christopher Landauer had the pleasure of playtesting a number of upcoming games from first time designers and aspiring publishers.

They particularly enjoyed a whale-done card drafting game that was shrimply the best called License to Krill: “The Whale Plushie hot potato family-friendly game of underwater treasure and Kriller tactics.” šŸ‹

“The blue whale plushie packaging was eye-catching and the seemingly endless sea life facts and puns kept Landauer distracted long enough for me to get some actual work done,” said Pinnacle President Simon Lucas.

Designer Matthew Kambic is bringing the “light-weight underwater game of quick card drafting” to Kickstarter later this spring as his MaKa Games’ first crowdfunding campaign. Sign up here to be notified when the campaign goes live! šŸŸ

Note: Pinnacle is not involved in the creation or promotion of this game, we just had a fin-tastic time playing the demo!

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