A Week of Spooky, Scary Savage Worlds Streams

We’re counting down the days to Halloween with a wild and wicked week of Savage Worlds livestreams over on the official Pinnacle Entertainment Group Twitch channel! šŸŽƒ

Tonight at 8pm Eastern, join Shane Hensley and Tracy Sizemore for an update about our current Kickstarter for the new Horror Companion and Pinebox Middle School.

Thursday, October 27th at 6pm Eastern, catch the first of many Hollerween 3 virtual panels beginning with a special, combined Open House event for Pinnacle Entertainment Group, Sigil Entertainment, Outland Entertainment, and SoundBooth Theater. Expect appearances from a variety of PEG and PEG-adjacent folks who will be popping in to answer all your burning questions, share project updates, and whisper of future plans.

At 7pm Eastern, get ready for a RiftsĀ®Ā for Savage Worlds Actual Play with Sean Owen Roberson slipping behind the GM screen and a host of heroes at the hands of a few familiar faces including Pinnacle’s own, Jodi Black!

Friday, October 28th, Hollerween 3 continues with a Horror Companion and Pinebox Middle School Kickstarter SPOOKTACULAR! Join us at 7pm Eastern for additional Kickstarter updates and get all your questions answered by Pinnacle staff.

Saturday, October 29th at 5pm Eastern, don’t miss East Texas University: A Retrospective with special guests Preston Dubose, Owen Lean, Ed Wetterman, and Scott Woodard. They’ll be delving into the history of this remarkable setting, discussing all the assorted products that have been published over the years, and celebrating the many collaborations that have brought Pinebox, TX to life!

The adventure continues Sunday, October 30th starting at 1pm Eastern with a discussion of S5E: Superheroic Roleplaying for 5th Edition with Aaron Acevedo, Gwendolyn Marshall, Kevin Andrew Murphy, and Lisa Smedman.

Finally, our slate of amazing Hollerween 3 panels concludes at 2pm Eastern with a fascinating talk titled Duet Gaming: Playing One on One with guests Jodi and Clint Black, Kristian Serrano and Jenn Sutcliffe, plus Robin English-Bircher and Sean Tait Bircher.

Catch all of the above LIVE this week only on Twitch!

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