Adventures of the Pulp Age!

Published On: February 21, 2017Categories: News

pulpcoverMovie matinees. Dime novels. Comic books. Cheesy stories. Remember when bizarre was the norm and you never knew what was around the corner? The classic adventure stories never went away. Now, you can relive them in your gaming sessions with Savage Worlds licensee GRAmel’s Adventures of the Pulp Age!

This book combines three highly-praised adventures packed chock full of action and adventure:
– You’ll face martial artists, sky pirates, alien gods, and flying jellyfish witches in Prison of the Dragon God…
– Then challenge warrior women, dinosaurs, ancient tribes, and techno-organic sorcery in Terror Planet of the Amazon Queen…
– And finish with Nazis, mutants, and undead prophets in Rifles of Atlantis!

All of these adventures were written to present not just a plot, but an entire mini-setting, full of adventure hooks for exploration and development.

To top it all off, they’ve added some exclusive content, not available in PDF. Adventures of the Pulp Age! contains:
– Tips on writing and running B-movie and pulp-style adventures.
– New setting rules, Edges and Hindrances
– A discussion of magic in pulps, plus a new Arcane Background: Lucha Libre for Savage Worlds!

Relive classic adventure stories now with Adventures of the Pulp Age!

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