Among the Brave, Deadlands Tall Tales 6, Released

Published On: August 12, 2014Categories: News

Among the Brave: A Tall Tale for DeadlandsEven for the Weird West of Deadlands, something isn’t quite right. A small tribe near the Coyote Confederation has vanished, leaving behind the tent and tipis as if everyone wandered off. Locals from Brisco won’t have anything to do with the place. Maybe you can figure out what’s going on in Among the Brave, a story roleplaying game set in Deadlands: the Weird West.

Among the Brave plays differently from any of the previous Tall Tales. Players only have some of the information available at the beginning, and there are several planned breaks to answer questions. With new rules for resolving conflict, the Spirit World, and a new ending chart with a lot more doom, it’s the darkest, strangest Tall Tale ever!

Deadlands Tall Tales is a series of zero-prep, GM-less narrative games set in the Deadlands universe, powered by the Protocol Games Series. Among the Brave joins our previous Tall Tales installments  Ghost Train, Trail of DarknessYukon TerrorDoctor Tregan’s Mechanical Wonders, and Broken Hearts (a free introductory adventure).

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