Assemble Your Team with the Super Powers Companion Archetype Cards

Published On: January 4, 2022Categories: New Release, News, Super Powers Companion for SWADE

Our astounding Super Powers Companion Archetype Cards are NOW AVAILABLE in PDF from our store for just $12.99 USD!

This incredible set of three-dozen, full-color Archetype Cards includes:

  • 12 “Four Color” Archetypes for more popular “comic book” style adventures
  • Six Archetypes tailored for low-level “Pulp” campaigns
  • Six “Street Fighter” Archetypes tailored for heroes sworn to protect their local neighborhoods
  • Six powerful, “Heavy Hitter” archetypes for super settings
  • And six “Cosmic Crusaders” for extraplanetary and interdimensional adventures

Pick up the PDF directly from our store today, and while you’re there, pre-order the spectacular set in PRINT that packs all 36, two-sided cards into a sturdy storage box. This PDF + Print option is only $19.99.

💥 Plus, the FINAL version of the Super Powers Companion PDF is scheduled to drop THIS THURSDAY, so keep your eyes on your mailboxes and our social media accounts for all the deets!

The Super Powers Companion Archetype Cards are for use with the new Super Powers Companion and the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition core rules.

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