Available Now! Expedition: South Pacific for Rippers Resurrected

Published On: October 20, 2020Categories: News

Something’s stirring beneath the waves…

Expedition: South Pacific for Rippers Resurrected is the latest in a series of supplements that take the war with the Cabal to the most incredible and inaccessible places on Earth, this time unlocking the vast, mysterious region that stretches from the top of Australia all the way to the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi.

This volume, designed for use with the FREE Expeditions supplement and cards found on our website, contains background information, new gear, hazards, monsters, and a complete Plot Point Campaign.

Additionally, Expedition: South Pacific has been added to our discounted Grand Adventures series bundle for Savage Worlds that features fantastic journeys and new additions to a number of your favorite settings including 50 FathomsEast Texas UniversityThe Last ParsecRippers Resurrected, and Weird War I as well as our new standalone 32-page setting, Dawn of the Daikaiju!

Purchase of this product bundle includes the FREE downloads for these supplements as usual, plus these extras: Rippers Resurrected: ExpeditionsETU: Popo Bawa Extras, and Daikaiju Archetypes.

If you and your players are ready for some Grand Adventures, pick up this bundle from our store today!

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