Available Now! Savage Rifts® Arcana & Mysticism Playtest

Published On: August 13, 2019Categories: News

Transcend your limits and unleash your power with the Playtest Version of Arcana & Mysticism for Savage Rifts®!

Savage Rifts® North America: Arcana & Mysticism gives players the tools to dive deep into the magical side of Rifts®. New Iconic Frameworks and M.A.R.S. Packages—such as the Dragon Juicer, Psi-Warrior, and Zapper—plus new gear and vehicles—like the Arzno Jackrabbit and the Dweomer Colossus—provide players access to new realms of mystical might. 

For Game Masters, new Savage Tales and over 30 new creatures flesh out the threats found in these far-flung magical realms. The Plot Point Campaign Souls of Darkness integrates mysterious Psyscape into Castle Refuge’s alliances and rivalries. This epic adventure reshapes the Tomorrow Legion’s role on Rifts® Earth!

Arcana & Mysticism for Savage Rifts® requires the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition core rules to play.

This is the playtest version and we do not recommend printing the PDF, at this time. Your download will automatically update with the final PDF when it is released; you’ll simply log back into the PEGinc.com website and re-download when it’s available. 

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