Brian Reeves Joins the Pinnacle Team as a New Developer

Published On: June 14, 2022Categories: News

This week, we are happy to announce that Brian Reeves has joined our ranks here at PEG as a new Developer!

Brian is a long-time gamer who got his start in 1980 with the original blue D&D “Holmes” Basic Set. His first professional RPG material was in the form of two submissions to the Creatures of Aysle sourcebook for the original Torg back in 1991! Since then he has written material for GURPS, Dungeons & Dragons, and several titles for Ulisses Spiele’s Torg Eternity.

An avid Savage Worlds fan since 2008, he has since contributed to a number of licensee properties including Monster Hunter’s Club and Buccaneers: Through Hell and High Water, both from Fabled Environments, various products published by Sigil Entertainment Group, and Pinnacle’s own Rippers and Deadlands settings.

Here at PEG, his role as a Developer involves content writing, editing, and layout for our various lines.

Brian is based out of Vancouver, Washington, where he lives with his wife, daughter, and two hyperactive dogs.

Welcome to the team, Brian!


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