Bring Home The Goon RPG—Back the Kickstarter!

Published On: March 28, 2017Categories: News

The Goon for Savage Worlds KickstarterDo you hear that? It’s the sound of peril, the sound of adventure, the sound of a mighty hammer—it’s the sound of The Goon™ for Savage Worlds Kickstarter! The excitement starts today and runs March 28th through April 17th!

Go check out The Goon™ Kickstarter for all the low-down on rewards, backer levels, and stretch goals. Trust me, buddy, you want yourself a piece of this! Join the Goon’s crime syndicate, start a racket of your own, or play as Goon, Franky, and the crew. Any way you cut it, you get to join in Eric Powell’s darkly funny setting.

You know what’s better than a setting with too much greatness to stuff into a normal-size book? Two of ’em! That’s right, it’s a Kickstarter Double Feature with Fear Agent™ RPG for Savage Worlds! Hitch yourself up to a mighty pair of Dark Horse Comics™ settings today!

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