Thank you Space Cowpokes! Spacers? Wild Cards in SPAAAAAAAACE!

With your enthusiastic support of our launch we’re more than twice-funded and blasting off to more action-and-horror-fueled adventures in a far off corner of the universe.

Believe it or not, it’s been 22 years since Lost Colony was first published, and we’re thrilled that you’re still along for the ride. Lost Colony has always been special to us because it’s the big finale of the Reckoners story arc that began in Deadlands.  The lore has been built by some of your favorite designers including John Hopler, John Goff, and Cheyenne Wright. Now we’re thrilled to have Darrell Hayhurst steer the Reckoners’ arc to its epic conclusion–this time you’re taking on Famine–while also laying the foundation for the next great adventures in and around Banshee in the “Way Out West.”

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