Celebrate the Deadlands Renaissance with What a Man’s Got to Do

Published On: October 7, 2014Categories: News

Deadlands: What a Man's Got to DoVisionary Comics is celebrating the spread of Deadlands! With the relaunch of the Deadlands comics from Visionary, the impending release of the Dead Man’s Hand trade paperback from IDW, the upcoming prose novels with Tor, and the and television development, there’s a lot to hoot about. Heck, even  ICv2 is in on the Deadlands news!

When we say “impending release” of Dead Man’s Hand, we mean it. You can start ordering that at your friendly local game or comic shop this January.

Visionary is even helping you get in the mood with an original Deadlandsshort story by our own Big Bug o’ the Weird West, Matt Cutter. Take ride down a dark trail and see exactly What a Man’s Got to Do!

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