Convention News – PAX Unplugged is This Weekend

Published On: November 27, 2018Categories: News

This weekend (November 30th through December 2nd), make your way to downtown Philly and the Pennsylvania Convention Center for PAX Unplugged.

Studio 2 Publishing will have all your favorite Savage Worlds, Deadlands, and Doomtown products for sale at Booth 1807, while our own Jodi and Clint Black will be promoting their fantastic line of tables and accessories with Carolina Game Tables just up the aisle at Booth 1824.

Doomtown players will also have plenty to do this weekend as Christine and David Lapp of Pine Box Entertainment will be meeting, greeting, and gaming with everyone throughout the weekend:

Doomtown Greenhorn Round-Up! (Casual/Learn to Play) – Friday and Sunday: 12pm-4pm in Open Play

Meet up with other Doomtown players for some casual games, or learn how to play with the demo team. All participants will receive a special variant promo and other prize support just for playing.

Doomtown Social Meet & Greet – Friday: 6pm-10pm at Iron Hill Brewery

Join the Pine Box crew after the hall closes to play some games or answer your questions about anything Doomtown related.

Doomtown: Prelude to Twilight – Saturday 12pm-6pm in the Card Event Hall

In preparation for the Twilight Protocol Series events next year, this special Abomination Series event will not only allow players to vote on the terrors they want to see the characters face in the upcoming cards and fiction, but also participants will influence the tools used by the heroes and the Reckoners through this event.

Each round, a table will be chosen that represents the conflict between good and evil; a player using a Servitor/Fearmongers vs. a player not using a Servitor or using a Fearmonger outfit. The winning player will name a new card that will be representative of a Dude, Good, Deed, or Action that will help their chosen side in the upcoming conflict.

More information can be found in the Pine Box Entertainment forums.

Deadlands RPG/Savage Worlds: Twilight Protocol – Saturday: 6pm-10pm in Open Play

Check out a preview of the new Savage Worlds Adventure Edition as Pine Box Entertainment hosts a session of the published Deadlands: Twilight Protocol adventure!

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