Convention News: Savage Worlds at Ethereal Gary Con XIII

Published On: March 23, 2021Categories: Events, News

This week, “Ethereal” Gary Con XIII runs, virtually, from Thursday, March 25th through Sunday, March 28th, and yes, Savage Worlds is well-represented on their schedule!

While there are several Savage Worlds games to choose from, keep your eyes peeled for a couple very special events:

D&D to SW in 60 Minutes

Ron Blessing, Karl Keesler, and Kristian Serrano will discuss how to shift your play style from D20-based systems over to Savage Worlds, and setting and managing one’s own expectations and experience. This will not be about one being better or worse than the other, just how to approach Savage Worlds when coming from D&D.

Savage Eberron

GMed by Kristian Serrano and featuring Manifest Zone co-hosts Keith Baker, Wayne Chang, and Imogen Gingell as well as Ron Blessing and Jenn Sutcliffe, all of whom will be playing the iconic characters from Keith’s book, DMs Guild Eberron supplement, Exploring Eberron.

Visit the Gary Con website for more information, and check out the events schedule through Tabletop.Events.

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