Convention News: Submit Your Virtual Events for Gary Con XVI

Published On: January 2, 2024Categories: Events, News, VTT

If you’re thinking of running some virtual Savage Worlds events for Gary Con XVI, you have until Saturday, February 17th to submit those games!

Gary Con is an annual game convention held in Geneva, Wisconsin that celebrates the life and works of Gary Gygax, the Father of Role Playing Games.

Game Masters who volunteer their time will receive a complimentary “Ethereal Badge” and be eligible for GM rewards based on how many hours they schedule. All virtual mediums are acceptable to host games for Gary Con and the convention will provide a boosted Discord server with a moderator team and admin support (though hosts are welcome to use different voice and text services of their choice).

Visit the convention’s “How To” article for all the deets on how to submit your events, review the many rewards (both physical and virtual) being offered to participating Game Masters, and don’t forget to grab your badge here using the Virtual GM Discount code: VIRT-GROUP-GM-50

If you have any question, please contact [email protected].

We thank you for running Savage Worlds games both on-site and online at Gary Con XVI!

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