Creature Feature: La Bruja Available for ETU

Published On: August 26, 2014Categories: News

Creature Feature: La Bruja for ETUOur latest Creature Feature for East Texas University/Degrees of Horror brings you the bruja, the terrifying witch of Mexican folklore. Because, you know, studying for that Macroeconomics midterm wasn’t hard enough.

Creature Feature: La Bruja gives you everything you need to bring these twisted mistresses of the black arts to your ETU game. You get stats for both the most common and the more exotic varieties of bruja. You also get five full Savage Tales, ready to drop right into your game or play as stand-alone one-shot adventures!

Be bewitched (in a good way) with Creature Feature: La Bruja before you’re bewitched (in a very bad way) by the bruja themselves!

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