Creature Feature: Skunk Ape Comes to ETU—Plus Bundles!

Published On: December 13, 2016Categories: News

Creature Feature: Skunk Ape for ETUSurvivalists, wild life, and hippies aren’t the only stinky things roaming around in the hills and piney forests near ETU. There are things—powerful animals that walk like men and smell like—oh, sweet merciful heaven, what is that smell!?

The new Creature Feature: Skunk Ape brings you a look at ETU’s Bigfoot cousin, in all its nosesome “glory.” You get two new adventures and expanded creature information from the entry in ETU: Degrees of Horror. It’s always best to know your enemy, after all.

In the “knowledge is power” vein, did you know that you now have the chance to get a compilation of East Texas University material to fill up that library of yours? Whether you want the classic feel of paper or the cost- and space-saving benefits of PDFs, we’ve got you covered. Check out the East Texas University PDF Bundle and the East Texas University Print + PDF Bundle for more details and pricing!

Did you notice that Creature Feature: Skunk Ape actually made its debut over the weekend as part of the ETU Holiday Bundle Flash Sale? You never know what the little gnomes over in the warehouse are going to cook up, so you might want to follow us on social media (like on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+) to keep an eye out for things that come by too fast for Tuesday.

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