Dawn of the Daikaiju Second Printing & Free Errata

Published On: September 8, 2020Categories: News

While a fully-updated second printing of Dawn of the Daikaiju is on its way (we’re accepting backorders for that right now), be sure to snag the FREE (and brief) Dawn of the Daikaiju Errata today to make sure you’re crushing and stomping your enemies with the most up-to-date rules available.

For those using the PDF version of the Dawn of the Daikaiju core rulebook, be sure to re-download that file to ensure you have the completely updated version in-hand for your next session.

Additionally, we tweaked a few things in the FREE Daikaiju Archetypes PDF, so be sure to re-download THAT for your games as well (especially if you’re planning on printing out the archetypes for your players).

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