Dead Men Walking—Stone and the Cackler Together!

Published On: December 30, 2014Categories: News

Stone and a Hard Place PreviewWhy pick one Harrowed when you can have two? That’s just crazy talk, partner, and we know it!

The third Deadlands Plot Point Campaign is on its way, featuring everyone’s favorite hero-killer, Stone! But we’re going to bump up the “dead factor” and combine him with the long-awaited tale of the Weird West’s oldest and most mysterious Harrowed—teased since the beginning of Deadlands in 1996—the Cackler!

The dead duo will be coming your way in January in a very special combo Kickstarter. Stone will be the headliner in Stone and a Hard Place, the third Deadlands Plot Point Campaign that details the strange locales and odd characters of the American Southwest, provides enhanced rules for the setting, and brings you face-to-face with more abominations and tribulations than a rational man can survive! But even if you survive this encounter with Stone, can you handle the Cackler? He’ll be coming to you in a brand new graphic novel, written by Shane Hensley and illustrated by comics legend Bart Sears. The Cackler graphic novel will also include an exclusive adventure penned by our own Mighty Matt Cutter and a tale called Dead Men Talking about the day Stone and the Cackler met!

The details for the Stone-and-Cackler Kickstarter will be coming soon, but there’s a few bits we can share right now, with it being the season of giving and all. You won’t have to wait on Stone and a Hard Place—PDF materials will release immediately and the hardback orders will be placed as soon as we have the final Kickstarter numbers! The Cackler graphic novel will ship separately as soon as it’s finished, so you can get both as soon as possible. Oh, and there will be cool extras. Lots of cool extras.

Remember, the Dead Men Walking campaign kicks off our march toward the 20th Anniversary of Deadlands! We’ve got lots of surprises planned, and they all start with the Dead Men Walking Kickstarter. Backers will get more than the usual books and bonuses—we’ll also share some of our changes, updates, and future plans as well. It’s always better to know what’s coming out of the Weird West before it just sneaks up on you, amigo—don’t miss that chance!

This is definitely the Kickstarter to watch for all you Deadlands fans out there!

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