Deadlands Actual Play PLUS a Blood Drive Walkthrough

Published On: April 19, 2022Categories: Media, News

This week, we’ve got a couple of amazing Deadlands video productions to share with you, both of which are a part of the Savage Worlds Media Network (SWMN).

First up, spanning an incredible 14 episodes and featuring a cast of over 25 different victims players, Deadlands: The Crossroads, an actual play series from Marshal, Kerri Smith and company, recently came to an explosive conclusion!

What makes this series unique is the “Exit on Death” feature (agreed upon by all participants) – when a character meets an untimely demise, the player immediately leaves the show, with ZERO knowledge of what happens after they depart.

Catch the entire series from start to finish over on YouTube.

Second, if you’ve been eyeing the Blood Drive Plot Point Campaign for Deadlands: the Weird West, long-time Savage Worlds fan, Vaughn Ripley recently started sharing some incredibly helpful and thorough walkthrough videos you might enjoy.

So far, his videos have included a spoiler-heavy, Marshal’s-only campaign overview of the setting book as well as a player-friendly presentation all about creating characters, suggested game accessories, and inspirational western films!

Check out these and Vaughn’s other videos over on his official YouTube channel.

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