Deadlands Blood Drive Continues with High Plains Drovers

Published On: October 2, 2012Categories: News

Blood Drive Two: High Plains DroversThe trail is long and hard, amigo, and with beeves to move before you sleep. Your posse’s long-haul cattle drive continues with Blood Drive 2: High Plains Drovers! Starting just outside of Denver to a promised land in Wyoming, this adventure ups the ante with your cowpokes getting a share of the expanding herd. Between your new ownership and the high plains, the stakes (and steaks) have never been higher! High Plains Drovers is the second installment in the Blood Drive series.

The Blood Drive series is a complete campaign. Each adventure starts and ends in such a fashion that if you want to use it by itself without the others in the series, you can easily do so. In fact, they’re perfect for getting a posse from one part of the Weird West to another if that’s what you’re looking for, Marshal. Used together, the three combine to take the heroes from greenhorn cowpunchers to hardened trail hands fighting for their cattle, their land, and even their lives!

If you think the first book’s four words of fear (“written by John Goff”) were bad, wait’ll you get a load of “longhorns burstin’ like popcorn!” And don’t stop worryin’—it’s still written by John Goff.

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