Deadlands Classic Duo Arrives!

Published On: February 14, 2017Categories: News

Paradise Lost: An Adventure for Deadlands Classic or ReloadedDeadlands Classic is still growing!

An unexpected whistle in the night signals trouble for Paradise, Idaho. Some trains aren’t on the time table, and some cargoes aren’t from this world. Can you help save this sleepy town, or is it truly Paradise Lost?

Paradise Lost is dual-statted, ready to go for either Deadlands Classic or Deadlands Reloaded. Either way, it’s barrelin’ straight out of the dark mind of John “Night Train” Goff, so strap on some pistols and hope for the best…

And we don’t want you ridin’ that dusty trail without a really good handle on who you are and what you can do, partner. That’s a good way to pull a thick dirt blanket over your head for a long, long nap. But don’t worry—the Deadlands Classic Form-Fillable PDF Character Sheet is also here for you! Keep everything handy and neat—it’ll really help when they’re tryin’ to write your obituary.

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