Deadlands Doomtown Weird West RPG Conversion

Published On: April 11, 2023Categories: New Release, News

That splendiferous posse over at Pine Box Entertainment has just unleashed a shiny new supplement for fans of Deadlands: the Weird West and the phenomenal Doomtown expandable card game!

The Deadlands Doomtown Weird West RPG Conversion is an 18-page PDF featuring fully-fleshed out, table-ready characters from Pine Box Entertainment’s ongoing Doomtown fiction!

For only $4.99 USD, you get the following for use in your Deadlands: the Weird West campaigns:

  • Mr. Outang
  • Winona Rein-Breaker
  • Victor “Nines” De Bore
  • Chuan “Jen” Qi
  • Nathan Shane
  • Jonah Essex
  • Tonton Macoute
  • Allie Hensman
  • Christine Perfect
  • Matilda Loomis
  • Xiong “Wendy” Cheng
  • “Professor” Duncan
  • Black Elk

Get your mitts on the Deadlands Doomtown Weird West RPG Conversion on DriveThruRPG today, and get caught up on the latest Doomtown fiction, the “Aces Low” series, by writer Owen Lean over at the Gomorra Dispatch.

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