Deadlands for Foundry VTT is NOW AVAILABLE!

Published On: April 13, 2021Categories: New Release, News

Saddle up, pardners!

The FULL and official conversion of Deadlands: the Weird West for Foundry VTT is now available for purchase.

This Core Rules Bundle contains everything you need to start (or upgrade) your Deadlands: the Weird West campaigns:
  • Full contents of the original book – fully functional with the Official Sheet and System
  • New Deadlands-themed Character Sheet – Really feel like you are in The Weird West
  • All the original Deadlands core artwork and style – to make your journal entries as beautiful as the book
  • Bundled with additional Tokens and Pawns – beautiful full portraits paired with their consistently styled tokens, with all the stats for drag and drop, optimized and ready to roll in your games
  • Actors, Journal Entries, and all the goodies – scoped and statted out for making the setting run smoothly
  • Dozens of rollable tables for every table in the book. Cards and dice rolls alike!
  • Marshal Macros to make rolling on those Marshal tables a breeze! Hidden from the player view until the Marshal decides to show his hand!
  • Adventure Generator Macro – This handy macro slings up a serving of three tables for you in order, shown only to the Marshal, so you can quickly whip up some trouble for your posse!
  • Dealing with the Devil Macro – Let the manitou take some of the load off! This fancy infernal device will ante up, make your rolls, sling your cards, and after you choose your fate, it will show you the results of your deal!
  • Integrated entity-linking with Savage Worlds Core rules – If you have purchased the Savage Worlds Core rules module, rest easy partner, the rules are all cross referenced for easy access!

If you are already playing Savage Worlds on Foundry VTT with the FREE Savage Worlds Adventure Edition system package, this module includes a macro that will update ALL Actors with the full-text versions of Items applied to existing characters.

Don’t wait! Pick up the Deadlands: the Weird West Core Rules Bundle for Foundry VTT from our store today!

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