Deadlands: Hell on Earth Classic—Now in the Latest Bundle of Holding

Published On: October 15, 2019Categories: News
Hell on Earth

Top off your tanks with spook juice, road warriors, because it’s time to head into to the Wasted West!

This Deadlands: Hell on Earth Bundle brings you the “Classic” version of our tabletop roleplaying game of post-apocalyptic horror in the Wasted West, Hell on Earth.

This 1998 standalone sequel to Deadlands: The Weird West starts from that alternate history, when horrific other-dimensional entities called the Reckoners fomented warfare across the American West and the world. In 2081 a devastating Last War released evil spirits and arcane energy, making the entire world a Deadland — but the Reckoners’s own machinations trapped them here on the toxic, irradiated Earth. Now, in 2094, the heroes of the Wasted West face dangers right out of Mad Max, Damnation Alley, Terminator, and Akira as they try to reclaim the land and destroy the Reckoners.

Hell on Earth

For just US$12.95 you get all eleven titles in the Player Collection (retail value $56) as DRM-free .PDF ebooks:

  • The complete 225-page Deadlands: Hell on Earth Classic core rulebook
  • The Wasted West worldbook
  • No less than eight player character guides: Brainburners (sykers), Children o’ the Atom (radiation priests), Cyborgs, The Junkman Cometh (tech-wizards), The Last Crusaders, Road Warriors, Spirit Warriors (toxic shamans), and Waste Warriors
  • And the Toxic Tales character journal
Hell on Earth Classic: Monsters, Muties & Misfits

And if you pay more than the threshold price of $25.06, you’ll level up and also get our entire Marshal Collection with fourteen more titles worth an additional $78:

  • Four location sourcebooks: City o’ Sin (Las Vegas), Denver, Iron Oasis, and Shattered Coast
  • Monsters, Muties, & Misfits
  • Four adventures: The Boise Horror, Hell or High Water, Something About a Sword, and Urban Renewal
  • Four figure sets: Starter, Horrors of the Wasted West, Road Wars, and The Combine
  • The Hell on Earth Radiation Screen (GM screen) plus the introductory adventure “Apocalypse Now!”

These incredible deals won’t last forever, so get your irradiated backside over to the Bundle of Holding today to get your hands on some sweet post-apoc goodness!

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