Deadlands: Lawless Actual Play by Wildcards

Published On: May 19, 2020Categories: News

In a special, two-episode arc sponsored by Pinnacle Entertainment Group, the WildCards team from Saving Throw recently rode the dusty trails of Deadlands once again for Deadlands: Lawless!

The toubleshooters ride a spur into Flat Edge, Kansas, to investigate the disappearance of several Empire Rails coworkers. The townsfolk are none too friendly, the Crit Fail count is higher than ever, and the laughs and chills are all too real!

Marshal Jordan Caves-Callarman leads actors Gaurav Gulati as Weird Scientist Wheeler McLentic, Meghan Caves as Chi Master Cherry, Jordan Pridgen as one-armed Gunslinger Elden Fallon, and Dom Zook as Huckster Ransom Keane.

These episodes are an excellent way to see the Savage Worlds rules in action and get a taste of the updated Deadlands: the Weird West rules in play. Although our Kickstarter for Deadlands wrapped up last week, you can sign up to be notified when the pledge manager opens.

Check out both episodes of Deadlands: Lawless on the Saving Throw YouTube channel:

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