Deadlands: Lost Colony Figure Flats – UPDATED!

Published On: June 23, 2020Categories: News

If you have already purchased the Figure Flats for Deadlands: Lost Colony, you might have noticed that the Reckoner War wasn’t present. We have now updated the file to include War and ensure all the other characters like Debbi Dallas and Drifter are there as well, so be sure to re-download it today!

If you haven’t gotten it yet, for just $4.99 USD, this 15-page collection contains more than 40 individual pieces of science fiction Western art for use at both 25mm and 35mm scale (your PDF reader needs to be able to show layers to switch between the 25mm and 35mm scale).

This set contains heroes like Colonial Ranger, Pilot, Syker, Salvager, and Breaker plus Anouk Scout, Shaman, and Warrior.

To fill out the ranks of Extras there are plenty of EXFOR and Hellstromme Industries SoldiersWalkin’ DeadSpace PiratesDiggers, and even more Anouks (heck, you can never have enough Anouks!)

And for foes, choose between the many critters of Banshee, like prowlers or the dreaded ga’aknouls, or, if you’re brave enough, take on War himself!

Bring your tabletop to life (or something that looks like it, in some cases) with our easy-to-store, easy-to-transport Deadlands: Lost Colony Figure Flats. Available in our store, now!

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