Deadlands: Lost Colony Released to Retail

Published On: October 6, 2020Categories: News

If you’ve been champing at the bit like an anxious barouka (mounts used by anouk warriors on the planet Banshee) in anticipation of the release of all the physical goodies for Deadlands: Lost Colony to retail, you’re in luck, pardner!

Starting this week, you can now order the Deadlands: Lost Colony core book, GM Screen + Widowmaker Adventure, and the jam-packed Boxed Set (containing absolutely everything you need to start playing right away) from your FLGS (friendly local game store) or directly from Studio 2 Publishing!

Alternatively, you can order ALL of the above as well as Deadlands: Lost Colony Bennies (they’re wicked purple, y’know), dice, Power Cards, Harrowed Cards, and Archetype Cards from the Pinnacle store!

Assemble your complete Deadlands: Lost Colony collection today and get ready to travel Way Out West to the planet Banshee, where the Reckoners make their final stand!

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