Deadlands Minis—Fallin’ in with a Bad Crowd

Published On: March 29, 2012Categories: News

Every crowd’s got a bad seed, but some crowds are nothin’ but bad—and two of those crowds are now comin’ your way as Savage Worlds minis!

Parts make things, and bad parts make very bad things indeed. The new Glom mini can shamble across the dusty plains of your gamin’ table as semi-livin’ proof. Buy a couple and let your posse learn a new meanin’ for “parts unknown”!

Last week, the Prairie Tick Queen crawled into town. True to form, there’s a pair of prairie tick swarms waitin’ on you now. Don’t wait on the school marm to tell you to shut your mouth, partner!

And speakin’ of crowds, that brings Reaper’s full Savage Worlds miniature line up to twenty—that’s a full score for all you Andrew Lane fans out there!

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