Deadlands: Night Train 25th Anniversary Digital Box Set on DriveThruRPG

Published On: April 2, 2024Categories: New Release, News

25 years ago, one famous adventure encapsulated Deadlands‘ promise of dangerous drifters battling unliving horrors across the American West so completely it became legend itself: John Goff’s Night Train

Celebrate the bloody anniversary of a true masterpiece with this Digital Box Set, updated for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition and boasting gorgeous new art and accessories to bring the fun to life… or unlife, as the case may be!

If you’ve never experienced the Night Train, this is your chance to hop aboard! If you’ve ridden the rails before you’ll find new extras that make this the definitive experience.

The Night Train lurks on the tracks of the Weird West, pulling in after dark to unleash its hellish cargo of starving, feral vampires on unsuspecting towns along the rails. For decades the Night Train has terrorized conventions and tabletops. What will you do when its deathly whistle blows? Can your posse survive the onslaught? Many others have tried—and failed!

Included in the Night Train Digital Box Set:

🦇 Night TrainThe legendary, blood-soaked original adventure for Savage Worlds for the first time!
🦇 For Whom the Whistle Blows – John Goff’s dark sequel to Night Train.
🦇 The Bank Job – An all new adventure by John Goff featuring a third terrifying encounter with the notorious vehicle.
🦇 Set of Six Archetype Cards – Dangerous strangers to put in the Night Train’s path.
🦇 Four Battle Maps – Three infested towns and connecting rail spur to fight through.
🦇 Figure Flats Set – A horde of feral Nosferatu and some innocent townsfolk for them to terrorize. Includes the locomotive and cars for the Night Train itself!
🦇 Four Wanted Posters for the low-down outlaws skulking in the towns.

Pick up this jam-packed Deadlands: Night Train 25th Anniversary Digital Box Set from DriveThruRPG today for just $24.99 USD!

All aboard… If you dare!

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