Deadlands: Night Train 25th Anniversary Kickstarter Update

Published On: October 10, 2023Categories: Crowdfunding, News

We’re just one week into our current Kickstarter for the Deadlands: Night Train 25th Anniversary Boxed Set, and already over 1,400 of you brave souls have stoked the firebox to help us race past our original goal!

Along with all the incredible items that we’re packing into this Boxed Set including the 72-page book, full-color pawns, fold-out Combat Maps, new Archetypes, and a commemorative Wild Die, we’re also tossing in a new, updated collection of Wendigo Tales featuring 10 classic stories of the Weird West from Shane Lacy Hensley, John Goff, Matt Forbeck, Timothy Brian Brown, Lester Smith, and John Wick.

These thrilling tales, newly-edited by John Goff to fit the Deadlands timeline altered by the Morgana Effect, originally introduced Ronan Lynch, the iconic harrowed drifter, and his posse of allies like huckster Velvet Van Helter“Bad Luck” Betty, Ranger Hank Ketchum, and others.

This collection of fantastic fiction is included with every pledge tier because Lynch’s adventures are so deeply tied to Night Train‘s sinister origins! That’s a $25 book for FREE, amigo, just for boarding the Night Train!

If you haven’t yet hopped onto our latest Kickstarter, make your way there now to review the various Rewards and Add-Ons, and pledge your support for the Deadlands: Night Train 25th Anniversary Boxed Set!

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