Deadlands: Night Train 25th Anniversary PledgeManager is Now Open

Published On: December 26, 2023Categories: Crowdfunding, News

If you missed out on our wildly successful Deadlands: Night Train 25th Anniversary Kickstarter campaign, don’t dismay! The PledgeManager is NOW OPEN for business.

Through the PledgeManager, you can keep or upgrade your current pledge level to ensure you’re getting all the goodies you could ever want for your game tables including copies of the Deadlands: the Weird West core rules, Deadlands: the Weird West Companion, and even the new Savage Worlds Adventure Edition Player’s Book! Don’t forget, the PledgeManager is also your last chance to receive a FREE copy of the original Deadlands Dime Novels fiction collection in hardcover with each print reward level!

Please note that if it’s your first time using the portal, be sure to read through ALL the fine print in our latest Kickstarter Update for details about Add Ons, taxes/customs for our overseas fans, and shipping. We’ve recently partnered with EasyShip, a Kickstarter partner, to use their warehouses for faster fulfillment and take advantage of their EasyShip Collect tool so you pay for shipping directly to the fulfillment center.

Email Pinnacle at [email protected] or PledgeManager at [email protected] if you have any questions at all and thanks again for supporting Deadlands: the Weird West and Savage Worlds!

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