Deadlands Noir Accessories for Everyone!

Published On: October 8, 2013Categories: News

Deadlands Noir Accessories from the Pinnacle Web StoreHave you been jealously eyeing the goodies your buddies got from the Deadlands Noir Kickstarter—or wishing you’d signed up for more stuff yourself? Then, my friend, your day is about to get brighter than a Hexaco dock fire! It takes three things to get along in these tough times— somewhere to be, something to do, and a whole lotta’ luck on your side—and they’re all available to the right Joe with a little scratch.

When it’s time to quit pounding the streets and go somewhere special, we’ve got what you need with new Deadlands Noir Combat Maps! From offices and theaters that could be anywhere in New Orleans to ramshackle cabins that could only be in the bayou, you’re all set! These 24″ x 32″ maps are foldable and ready to take on any style marker—dry-erase, wet-erase…even permanent—that you care to throw at ’em. If you’re the type who can never work with a paper map, PDFs are available, too!

When the action really starts, there’s no better way to track it in style than with the newly-available Deadlands Noir Action Deck! Get a double-pack of elegantly crafted cards from Cheyenne Wright, an artist with more Hugo awards than a two-fingered fella’ can count!

And when the chips are really down, there’s one more thing you need—more chips! Put Lady Luck on your side with the Deadlands Noir Bennies, and get 20 more chances with these casino-quality agen sbobet poker chips.

Don’t be in the dark, mon ami. Check out the whole line of Deadlands Noir goodies today!

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