Deadlands Novels from TOR

Published On: July 12, 2016Categories: News

Ghostwalkers, a Deadlands Novel from TorYes, that’s with an “s” at the end of “novels”!

The first in the line of Deadlands novels from Visionary Books/Tor Books was released last year to glowing reviews. Ghostwalkers by Jonathan Maberry is now available in paperback in the mass market. Wherever you like to buy books, you should be able to get a copy there!

The second book is now available for preorder, with the release of the first edition coming in late September.Thunder Moon Rising, a TOR Deadlands Novel Thunder Moon Rising, by Visionary’s own Jeffrey J. Mariotte, is another thrill-ride into the Weird West! As a wave of brutal killings sweeps through Arizona, all rumors point to things not quite beasts, but not quite men!

See the Weird West through fresh eyes, and settle in for a long, dark night of (d)reading…

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