Deadlands Perilous Parcels Plus a Posse

Published On: November 22, 2016Categories: News

Heroes o' GloomThere’s a few things no horse can outrun, my friend. Death. Taxes. Hunger. The holidays. It’s the time of year that brings ’round family and things in the mail, and it’s no different for Deadlands Reloaded!

Perilous Parcels: All the Purty Little Horses introduces a new way to see the Weird West—totin’ packages for Smith & Robards Express Delivery Service. This PDF helps get you recruited to the world of express delivery, untold perils, and questionable tipping practices. From there, you’re set to run off into the sunset of the free Perilous Parcels One Sheets, which currently include Ruckus at Worm Creek and Salt o’ the Earth. But don’t worry, your job might never really be done. Ever.

Nothing’s sadder than a get-together of one, and the Heroes o’ Gloom Archetypes makes sure you don’t suffer that horrible fate. You get a band of seven ready to tear into Good Intentions, a convention game, or your next campaign! Loneliness can be a killer on the trail or in town. After all, if nobody’s got your back, someone’s going to get your spleen and kidneys.

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