Deadlands: Rise of the Black Circle—Live on Kickstarter!

Published On: August 2, 2022Categories: Crowdfunding, Deadlands: Hell on the High Plains, News

In the Deadlands game world, we spent the last decade telling the story of the Reckoners’ four main Servitors. We let the players take the fight to Grimme, Raven, Stone, and Hellstromme, and cause major changes to the big backstory of the Weird West.

With the latest edition of Deadlands: the Weird West for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition, we’re focusing back on “local” events… the haunted house on Main Street, the old cave rumored to hold Aztec treasure in the Badlands, or a gang of killers with supernatural powers lurking in the passes of the high desert. Our latest books: Blood Drive, Hell on the High Plains, and the upcoming Abominable Northwest all tell these regional tales of local terror.

Our comics take a different tack, focusing on the big events taking place just beyond the periphery of the roleplaying game. We started the epic in The Cackler, and that story continues in Rise of the Black Circle from Deadlands creator, Shane Lacy Hensley.

Long-time fans might recognize the Black Circle from an earlier sourcebook of that name for the original Deadlands roleplaying game (what we call “Deadlands Classic“). John Goff wrote that book, which set up an unholy alliance between Mina Devlin’s witches, Baron LaCroix’s mambos and houngans, the sinister Whateleys, and other practitioners of the black arts. Manipulated by the Cackler, who turned out to be the legendary Mordred, the Black Circle worked to raise his spiteful mother, Morgan Le Fey, from the long-dead past. The bad guys won despite the best efforts of a band of valiant heroes and summoned Le Fey’s soul into the body of her innocent descendant.

Rise of the Black Circle picks up a different thread of this tale and features the return of our original Dime Novel heroes, Ronan Lynch, Velvet Van Helter, and Bad Luck Betty McGrew! The three reunite in the twice-cursed town of Nacogdoches where an uprising of walking dead hint that the Black Circle has returned!

Join us for this next tale in the epic saga of Deadlands and see how our bands of heroes are drawn together in a skein of terror and sorcery that not only decides the fate of the Weird West, but also sets up the launch of our newest Deadlands spin-off, Deadlands Dark Ages!

Saddle up and make your way over to Kickstarter right now to pledge your support for Deadlands: Rise of the Black Circle issues 1-2! The Limited Edition Collector’s Issues soft covers are only available through the campaign!

And don’t miss the Rise of the Black Circle livestream featuring author Shane Hensley and Outland Entertainment Licensing Manager, C. Edward Sellner, tonight starting at 8pm Eastern on our official PEG Twitch channel!

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