Deadlands: The Lost Colony & Wendigo Tales Kickstarters – Both Fully-Funded!

Published On: November 12, 2019Categories: News

Thanks to your generous support, both of our current Kickstarters–Deadlands: Lost Colony and Wendigo Tales: Book One–are fully-funded!

For Deadlands: Lost Colony, backers have already unlocked a number of stretch goals including a set of Harrowed Cards, the Banshee Screams Lost Colony fiction anthology, The Unity epic mega-adventure, new Power Cards, and a set of new, full-color figure flats. And coming up next at $40,000, we’ve got three all-new archetypes on deck!

As for Wendigo Tales, backers will now be getting a set of character stats for all the main characters and key antagonists from the book’s stories so you can use them in your own Savage Tales.

If you haven’t yet backed either of these Kickstarters, you still have a couple weeks to jump in! So, what are you waiting for, amigos?

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