Deadlands: the Weird West Actual Play on Dicebreaker!

Published On: May 19, 2020Categories: News

Learn the basics of Savage Worlds and preview the new Deadlands in Dicebreaker’s actual play of the Weird West!

Releasing Saturdays in bingeable, hour long (or less) episodes on the Dicebreaker YouTube channel, join notable GM Johnny Chiodini as the Marshal along with actors Alex Lolies as Howdy, a gunslinger of few words, Matt Jarvis as the Harrowed, Jackie Daniels, Alex Meehan as “the gunslinger with the gift of gab,” Charles P. McGinty, and Michael Whelan as blessed Pastor John Virtue.

In just the first two rootin’-tootin’ episodes, the posse has already witnessed a miner’s death, experimented with Thievery, chattered about exorcism, and figured out exactly why Harrowed drink. Not to mention that unfortunate cardiac event as well as that attack in the cave!

Saddle up and ride into Dicebreaker’s Let’s Play Deadlands: The Weird West series over on YouTube today.

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